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Becoming a 917 Smith Agent: Your Path to Entrepreneurship in Freight Brokerage

Consider a Change

Are you evaluating the prospect of becoming your own boss? Freight agency ownership might just be the solution you’re looking for. With 917 Smith, you can maintain your focus on sales and operations while letting your agency partner handle the back office tasks. From managing cargo insurance and credit limits to handling invoicing and collections, our platform is designed to work for you, enabling you to thrive in the industry.

Agent Requirements

To thrive as an 917smith agency owner, you’ll need:


At least 1 y experience in US transportation and logistics industry

Customer Base

Book of Customers

Revenue Generation

The ability to produce stable gross margin. per month, demonstrating your potential for success.

Why Choose 917 Smith?

As an agent with 917 Smith, you’ll receive the tools and support you need to run your business successfully:

Up to 75% Commission

Enjoy competitive commission rates that reward your hard work and dedication.

Proprietary TMS Platform

Gain access to our state-of-the-art Transportation Management System (TMS), streamlining your operations and enhancing efficiency.

Load Boards ( DAT, Truckstop, 123 LoadBoard and more)

Utilize industry-leading posting boards to access a wide range of available loads and carriers, expanding your business opportunities.

Carrier 411 Access

Gain access to Carrier 411, our comprehensive database of trusted carriers, ensuring that your shipments are handled by experienced and reliable transportation providers.

Remote Job

At 917 Smith INC, we offer remote job opportunities for qualified candidates, providing the flexibility and autonomy to manage your work-life balance effectively.


Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Connect with our team today to explore the opportunities available with 917 Smith agent program. Whether you’re an experienced freight broker looking for a new agency partnership or a newcomer to the industry seeking guidance and support, we’re here to help.

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